Human Insight

Brands thrive because they exist within a rich and deep cultural context. Consumers create brands and come to interact with them because of the meanings, emotions, energies and sensations they encode and express. A brand is a living mythology of meaning in our culture. Made by humans, for humans. For over 25 years we have been mapping out the possibilities of brands as they surge forward in continually evolving categories and contexts.

Creative Engagement

Our qualitative approaches are highly creative and intuitive and tend to tap into the deeper and more foundational images, perceptions and archetypes people engage with. As consumers, we rarely make decisions and respond to products, brands and messaging by reason alone. Consequently, we work to activate the unconscious as well as the emotional intelligence in people which leads to richer strategic and creative potential for our clients.

International Focus

About 30% of our business is international and we have conducted many large-scale projects in Asia, Europe, Central and Latin America.

Broad Based Experience & Longstanding Relationships

BockleyInsight offers broad-based perspectives on brands and categories having worked on a wide range of packaged goods, media, financial, retail, technology, arts, social and environmental initiatives. Many of our client relationships have extended over 20 years. We provide both relevant and enduring insights that bring change.